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Awareness Magazine Nov/Dec 2005--Reviewed by Jim Brenholts When listening to vocal music, it can be important to separate the singing from the instrumental accompaniment. That technique allows the listener to receive two messages — sometimes independent of each other. However, it can also be important to listen and absorb the music and vocals as one entity with one unified message. The latter technique is the case with Songs for Humanity by Cahill & Delene. This is a special CD from a special couple — Barry Cahill and Delene St. Clair — husband and wife in every aspect of the terms. Their marriage has united them spiritually, emotionally and artistically. The liner notes document what the music implies — that this couple speaks with one voice from one heart and one soul. The music and the sound design resonate with messages of love, peace, serenity and harmony. The music has something for everybody. Barry and Delene have been influenced by jazz, rock, folk, R&B and world musics. The soundscapes range from hard rock to gentle new age. Barry’s vocal exhibits a wide range from Dylan to Becker and Fagan and many points in between. While there are many things to cherish on this CD, the musical highlight has to be Delene St. Clair’s divine voice. Her range is wide and deep. Her gentle touch allows her to shine in the ballads and to provide impeccable backup when Barry is on point. The instrumentation is outstanding. Barry is an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist and Delene is an accomplished acoustic guitarist. They have assembled a strong supporting cast to augment their own considerable talents. All music that comes from love goes to love and deserves attention. When spirituality enhances the love, everything goes deeper. This CD is essential on many levels. Cahill and Delene have that extra oomph that takes it to the edge and beyond.” - Jim Brenholts

— Awareness Magazine

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CAHILL & DELENE CONCERT AUGUST 27 Cahill & Delene will be performing songs from their just-released debut CD entitled “Songs For Humanity” on Sat. August 27 at 8pm, at the Carlsbad Village Theatre, 2822 State Street. Advance tickets are $20, or $25 at the door. For reservations, call 760-751-1876 and visit Known all over Valley Center & San Diego County as the leaders of the popular dance band Hot Pursuit, Delene St. Clair and Barry Cahill will take a three-hour break from doing other people’s music, and do their own original songs for the August 27 performance. “What’s really exciting to us is that after being married and working together doing covers (other people’s music) for the last 18 years, our aching souls finally get to express themselves through OUR music. We’ll still continue with our Hot Pursuit Band, because we like paying our bills!” Cahill said. Delene added, “We’re 50 going on 18! We feel like a couple of high school graduates, with this whole new life ahead of us. This album couldn't have happened before now---our lives wrote these songs”. When asked to describe the music on “Songs For Humanity”, Delene responded, “On the surface, the songs are catchy pop/folk/country/jazz/R&B tunes. You can just sit and have a great listen, and dance around your living room! But on a second listen, you discover deep, meaningful, uplifting, and thought-provoking songs. The album features some wonderful, world-class, guest musicians who help make our music come to life in a big way. It has something for everyone!” “We feel that people are searching for positive music that touches the deepest parts of their soul”, said Cahill. “The title ‘Songs For Humanity’ can be taken in two ways: One could assume we are ‘leaving our legacy’ by these songs. But to us, the title has the emphasis on ‘songs FOR humanity’-- it is our way of reaching out to that fully alive humanity that resides deep within everyone. It also implies that there are already enough angry and cynical ‘songs AGAINST humanity’ in the world today.” The Aug. 27 concert will feature Delene St. Clair--vocals, guitar, dulcimer; Barry Cahill--vocals, sax, flute, keyboards. The rest of the band will include special guest recording artists Karl Anthony—vocals; Robin Adler—vocals, percussion; Dave Blackburn—drums; Dave Curtis—bass; Vince Cooper—guitar; and guest vocalist Angie Kania.” - David Ross

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